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Title Capture

Title Capture is the ultimate utility site and app for buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lenders. It is a free and simple tool to determine the costs of buying or selling a home. Anyone can easily sign up, put in the basic information and get the numbers they need to estimate their settlement costs.  Most real estate professionals should have this on their phones to make their buyer and seller net sheets more accurate and professional.
Title Capture

Maryland Department of Assessment and Taxation

This website allows users to look up properties and see who owns the home, its tax assessed value, a brief legal description and chain of title. This is the starting point for all searches. (No sign-up or password required).

Maryland Insurance Administration

Buyers and Seller who wish to confirm that your settlement company and settlement officer are property licensed can check here. Our license numbers are in our signature lines making the search a simple one. (No sign-up or password required).
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